GM Alexei Shirov (Latvia, 2682)

43 years old.

GM Alexei Shirov needs no introduction in the chess world.  A student of the great Mikhail Tal, Alexei reached the #2 position in the world ranking list in 1994.  He is a former world championship finalist and a winner of numerous international competitions.

While this will be GM Shirov's first appearance in the Edmonton International, it will be his third tournament in Edmonton, as he participated in the 2005, 2009 editions of the Canadian Open.  He shared first in the 2005 event.

GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly (India, 2654)

33 years old.

GM Surya Shekhar is a member of the Indian National team.  He has won the Indian National Championship in 6 consecutive years (2003-2008) after which he never played in this event again.
GM Ganguly was a member of Anand's team as he helped the World Champion in preparation for his matches against Kramnik, Topalov and Gelfand.

This will be GM Ganguly's third Edmonton International.  His best result came last year as he tied for second with 6.5/9.

GM S P Sethuraman (India, 2653)

23 years old.

GM Sethuraman first major win was the world under 16 championship in 2009.  He is a member of the bronze medal winning Indian Olympiad team from 2014, a year which he also became the Indian individual champion.

This will be GM Sethuraman's first Edmonton International appearance.

GM Sam Shankland (USA, 2646)

24 years old.

Currently ranked seventh in the US.  GM Shankland's major accomplishments include: winning the individual gold medal in the 2014 Tromso Olympiad, tying for first in the 2008 World Under 18 championship and taking 3rd in the 2011 US Championship. Two years ago GM Shankland was selected to be a member of the US National team for the first time as they played a match against China.

This will be GM Shankland's third consecutive Edmonton International appearance.  He achieved his best score last year when he scored 6/9.

GM Bator Sambuev (2540, Canada)

35 years old. 

Originally from Russia, GM Sambuev currently resides in Montreal.  GM Sambuev has won a large number of tournaments in Eastern Canada over the past several years and he was the 2011 Canadian Champion. 

This will be GM Sambuev's first appearance in the Edmonton International. 

FM Elect-Bitan Banerjee (India, 2341)

22 years old.

Bitan moved from India to Edmonton last year in order to pursue his studies at the University of Alberta.  Since his arrival he already lead the UofA team to the Alberta University championship and more recently he became the Alberta overall champion.

This will be Bitan's first Edmonton International.

IM Richard Wang (2341, Edmonton, Canada)

17 years old.

IM Wang is a two time world championship bronze medalist (Under 12 and 14 sections).  He has broken multiple Alberta records, including being the youngest ever Alberta champion at the age of 13!
This year Richard began his studies at Harvard and we are all glad to see him playing chess on his home soil once again.

This will be Richard's 6th Edmonton International.  His best result to date came in the 2013 edition, where he scored 5.5/9 and tied for third overall.

FM Elect Belsar Valencia (Philippines, 2277)

Belsar Valencia's rating recently surpassed the 2300 mark thus he is awaiting the FM title.  Belsar lived in Edmonton for the past six years and he is the current city champion! 

This will be Belsar's second Edmonton International.  He scored 3.5/9 in the 2011 edition.

FM Ian Findlay (Banff, Canada 2257)

56 years old.

FM Findlay, moved to Banff from Ontario last year.  He qualified to this year's event by winning the 11th Edmonton International Qualifier.  During the 1980s FM Findlay was the 6th highest rated player in Canada and while his rating is not as high as it used to be he can be a dangerous opponent for everyone.

This will be FM Findlay's first Edmonton International.

FM Dale Haessel (Calgary, Canada 2234)

48 years old. 

FM Haessel is the only player to participate in all 10 Edmonton Internationals. 
A 3 time Alberta Champion, FM Haessel is very capable of upsetting some very high rated opponents.  His best performance to date came in the 2011 Calgary International where he scored an IM norm.

Dale's best performance in his 10 previous appearances came in 2008 when he scored 4.5/9.

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