12th Edmonton International-Open Tournament

Dates: June 24-June 25, 2017

Location: Edmonton Chess Club #204 10840 124 St. Edmonton, AB T5M-0H3

Time Control: 90 minutes, 30 seconds increment from move 1.

No On-site Registration

Maximum capacity is 20!.

Rating: CFC/FIDE.  CFC membership is required and will be available for purchase on-site.  You can purchase CFC membership online at:

Format: Open Swiss.  Maximum capacity 20 players!.

Saturday June 24 rounds: 10 am, ~2 pm, 6 pm
Sunday June 25 rounds: 10 am, ~2 pm

Registration process:  $35 entry fee.  You must pay in order to be registered!  Pay in person at the Edmonton Chess Club to either Dustin Koperski or Terry Seehagen by either cash or cheque made out to Edmonton Chess Club.

Mailing option: Mail a cheque payable to the Edmonton Chess Club at: Edmonton Chess Club #204 10840 124 St. Edmonton, AB T5M-OH3.  If paying by cheque please notify the TD Dustin Koperski so that your spot will be reserved. 
Phone: 780-994-0243
email: dustin.koperski@albertahealthservices.ca
Mailing option is only available until June 18 or until all the spots are reserved. No refunds!

Players who register will be paired even if they are not present.

Default late time
: 60 minutes

Entry fees less $5 ACA dues.

Cash prizes will be split evenly in case of a tie.

Byes: Up to 2 half point byes for rounds 1-4 if requested before the start.

Late policy: Forfeit after 60 minutes elapsed after the start of the clock.

This is a Road Warrior event!
Event Sponsors

1498413 Alberta Incorporated

Dale Haessel, President
"The first and last name in Software Development"

Sardul Purewal

Micah Hughey

Frank Kluytmans

You can have your, or your company's name added to this list for as little as: $100