12th Edmonton International-Main Event

Dates: June 20-June 25, 2017

Location: Edmonton Chess Club #204 10840 124 St. Edmonton, AB T5M-0H3

Time Control: 90/40+30 minutes, 30 seconds increment from move 1.

Format: 20 player Closed Swiss


Late policy
: Forfeit after 60 minutes elapsed after the published time of the round.

Prize Fund: $1750.  Cash prizes will be split evenly in case of a tie.

Special Rule: No agreed draws before move 30.

Tie-break: In case of a tie for first place, the cash prizes will be split.
The winner of the tournament will be determined by applying the following tie breaking system. The winner will get his or her name on the trophy:

1. Head to head result
2. Sonnenborn Berger
3. Koya
4. Total Wins
5. Total games played with black.

Chief Organizer/Arbiter: Dustin Koperski
Webmaster: Vlad Rekhson
This is a Road Warrior event!
Live Games
Event Sponsors

1498413 Alberta Incorporated

Dale Haessel, President
"The first and last name in Software Development"

Sardul Purewal

Micah Hughey

Frank Kluytmans

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