The 10th edition of the Edmonton International Chess Festival promises to be a great tournament and a perfect way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Alberta's first annual International competition.

The festival will take place at the Edmonton Chess Club (#204, 10840 124 St. Edmonton, AB) between June 19 and June 28, 2015.

We will be honoured to once again host the returning champion- Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk.  As of the top players of the past 25 years.  GM Vassily Ivanchuk from Ukraine has been one of a very small group of players who has constantly battled and often defeated the top players in the world.  His list of accomplishments is long and ever expanding.  It includes: Four time winner of the Linares super tournament,  second place in the 2002 FIDE World Championship, winner of the 2008 Blitz World Championship, winner of the 2011 Bilbao Grand Slam (ahead of Magnus Carlsen).  This will be Ivanchuk's third appearance in Edmonton as he previously won the 2005 Canadian Open and last year's Edmonton International competition.

Another exciting participant will be: Grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna.  GM Harikrishna is the second highest rated player from India (after the one and the former world champion, Viswanathan Anand).  He is currently ranked in the top 40 in the world with a rating above 2700.

The third participant of the 10th Edmonton International is another member of the 2700 club.  GM Wang Hao from China will be making his first appearance in the Edmonton International!

Grandmaster Sam Shankland from the United-States will be making a second consecutive trip to take part in the Edmonton International.  This was a successful year for GM Shankland as he won the individual gold medal at the Tromso Chess Olympiad where he was part of the American team!

GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly from India will be playing in the Edmonton International for the 2nd time, as his first appearance was back in 2008.
IM Aman Hambleton from Ottawa will make his first attendance.
The list of Albertans currently includes: FM Vladimir Pechenkin and the newcomer from Poland: WIM/FM Agnieszka Matras-ClementFM Dale Haessel will be making his 10th appearance in the Edmonton International.  NM Robert Gardner will participate in the tournament after winning the qualifying event.

We invite you to visit the participants page to see more information about the tournament players.

The side events will include an Open section, a 5 round Swiss on June 26-28 (20 player maximum capacity), simul by GM Harikrishna (20 player maximum capacity) and a lecture by another titled players (To be announced at a later date).  The Edmonton International Blitz tournament will take place on June 20th.

The games will be broadcast live and everyone is welcome to come and visit the competition at the Edmonton Chess Club.
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